The Federal Government has announced a series of measures as part of its COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan that will help Canadian students and recent graduates overcome these challenges and support their future success.

MMF Covid-19 Emergency Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

Due to the economic impacts of COVID-19, students may be unable to secure and retain summer employment and save for school in the fall. As a result, many students are worried about their ability to manage tuition fees and the cost of books for the next school year.


  • You are a registered Citizen of the MMF in Manitoba (or are in the process of being registered);
  • You graduated from high school in 2020 OR have recently graduated from an eligible PSE institution.
  • You are accepted and enrolled full-time or part-time in a post-secondary institution in Manitoba (Eligible Institutions); and
  • You have fully completed the online Application Form to be eligible for financial assistance (mandatory requirement).
  • You are not currently being funded by the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) Metis Employment and Training Department.


To address additional financial needs of students caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the MMF ESAP support will be provided over and above the $5,000.00 that is available for Metis PSE students through the MMF Post-Secondary Education Support Program. 

Students that are impacted by COVID 19 will be required to demonstrate financial need. 

A dedicated Web Application has been established for students who are experiencing difficulty coping with the COVID 19 pandemic. Students will be able to provide confidential information on their particular circumstances and will have access to online supports through the website. 

Assistance can be used for: 

  • Transcript and application fees;
  • Tuition and other student fees;
  • Initial professional certification and examination fees;
  • Books and supplies;
  • Tutorial, guidance and mentoring/counseling services;
  • Living expenses, including dependents;
  • Transportation;
  • Travel expenses associated with travel home; and
  • Child care.

By announcing this now, the MMF is providing more financial certainty for students preparing to enter or continue their Post-Secondary Education this fall. 

This pandemic is causing financial strain to Canadian businesses. For those who have just graduated from High School and Post-Secondary Institutions, it is even harder for them to find a job under this circumstance. MMF is taking initiatives to help new Metis Graduates overcome this hardship. 

We are asking Metis citizens who have just graduated from High School/Post Secondary School to register by filling out the below application for the chance to receive support towards your future.

Impact on your taxes

The MMF Emergency Student Assistance Initiative is taxable. This means you will need to report any amounts you received from the MMF Emergency Student Assistance Program on next year’s income tax return. You will receive a T4A tax slip for the amount of assistance you receive. 

If you feel you are eligible for MMF ESAP, you can apply online by clicking the following button and submitting the Application Form.

Click here to apply

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