MMF Post-Secondary Education Financial Assistance Eligibility Guidelines​


  • You are a registered Citizen of the MMF or are in the process of being registered
  • You are accepted and enrolled full-time or part-time in an (Eligible Institutions)
  • You are receiving a Degree upon completion of the program
  • You have fully completed the online Eligibility Form
  • You have fully completed the online PSESP Application Form
  • You have applied for the Louis Riel Bursary through the Louis Riel Institute (see Louis Riel Bursary tab for more information)
  • You are not currently being funded by the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) Metis Employment and Training Department.
  • You have fully completed the required Métis Cultural Course through the Louis Riel Institute (please contact LRI at to register today)
  • Post -Secondary Accredited Institution

◦ Please note information regarding the status of your PSESP Application will only be made available following the final confirmation of your Louis Riel Bursary Application. Please find below a list of the Louis Riel Bursary Deadlines.

◦ Louis Riel Bursary Deadline

                          Louis Riel Bursary Deadline

Application Deadline

The PSESP application Spring/Summer 2024 is now open and can be accessed by clicking the “Apply” tab and clicking the box “Click here to apply”.

Please note: All information and applications must be completed and submitted by the deadline in order to be considered for the program.

The MMF Post-Secondary Education Support Program includes assistance for:

  • Tuition and books
  • Tutorial, guidance, and mentoring/counselling
  • Transportation expenses
  • Other Student costs such as living expenses and other student fees

Efforts by program administrators will be made to ensure that all applicants are provided with an equitable allocation of program resources in any given year.

Eligible Post-Secondary Institutions include:

  • University of Winnipeg;
  • University of Manitoba;
  • Saint Boniface University;
  • University College of the North;
  • Canadian Mennonite University;
  • Brandon University;
  • Booth University College;
  • RRC Polytech
  • Providence University College
  • Out of Province Institutions.

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